Thursday, December 4, 2008

Work and the Lack of Rhetorical Awakenings

As the semester has come to and end, I have realized exactly how much people are unaware of their own personal rhetoric. The story that they are telling through their language and discourse. As I have mentioned, I have become fully aware of rhetoric and what it means for me as both a person and a prospective employee in the workplace.

My part-time job as a secretary is one that I normally don't put too much effort into. Yet, with any job that I have, I try to identify myself with the company that employees me. The structure that the company I currently work for is disorganized and sends a mixed message not only to its employees but to its customers as well. I understand the problems of being a home business start up, but establishing their structure as an organization was essential before they began hiring. The structure has become weak, and they have lost several employees because of this. Having read Faber's analysis on MacKenzie College I know that change is possible. While change is not automatic, it is not completely unattainable.

I have taken the readings from Faber and have began to apply them to this current work situation. How can my agency influence the current structure of the organization? I know that it can, and because I am aware of this I have begun to take steps towards the daunting task of re-structuring of the organization. My agency overlaps that of the structure of the organization. I keep to what the basic structure is, but emphasize and build on this with my own agency thus impacting the overall narrative and image.

In other words, not only am I putting customers first, I am setting a precedent that wasn't there before. I am letting customers know that they are a valued part of this organization, because without them it wouldn't be an organization at all. I think the hardest part of this is that I am doing so under my boss who doesn't completely understand what I would mean by structure and agency. The way that I approach this is cautiously. I don't want my boss to think that I am trying to overtake their image and structure, but I also don't think that their current image is a sustainable one. I haven't devised a "plan" to implement these changes, I just continue to work with my customer service skills and ability to identify with customers. I have learned this while working with multinational corporations who have their own organizational culture and structure. The ability to assimilate to a new organizational culture and structure is one that should be valued in any possible candidate for employment. I find that this ability allows me to further serve the organization I work for.

This has been the basis of wanting to change my current employer's structure. I am not trying to "change" it completely. I am just trying to influence the image and narrative so that it is more completely able to serve their customers and employees without the interruption of inconsistencies.

How do you explain rhetoric to those that have no concept of it outside of a "rhetorical question"?

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